Friday Faves and Fails #11

Happy Friday! I celebrated the end of the week with my first PSL of the season:

This week’s faves:

Fashion: I dug out some fall favorites from storage this week. Last fall I was wearing maternity shirts and leggings, so it will be nice to vary it up some this year!

Fitness: Currently working through the 21 Day Fix, and those workouts hurt so good! ☺️

Family: Mackenzie’s six month photos came in and are completely adorable!! Our photographer did an amazing job!

And the fails…

Fashion: I discovered deodorant marks on my clothes three times this week! I’m thinking maybe I should try to the gel deodorant…

Fitness: I’ve gotten a little behind on my NASM studying. I’m not planning to take the test until December, though, so I’m not terribly worried. It’s kind of like college all over again, I guess some things never change!

Family: Kind of a fave and a fail, Mackenzie has her first tooth! So exciting, but she’s been much crankier than normal because her mouth hurts, poor thing. Teething is definitely not fun!

Nothing big going on this weekend, we will probably go to Mackenzie’s cousin’s football game tomorrow and just hang out and relax on Sunday. I’d like to go pick up some picture frames for the photo collage I’m planning to do over our bed, hopefully that works out! What are everyone’s plans for the weekend??

Friday Faves #10

The Friday before a three day weekend is always the best! I only worked a half day today, and I’m using the afternoon to clean out our car for our trip to KY this weekend. I don’t know why I’m always compelled to clean out the car before a road trip when it’s destinated to just become dirty again during the trip, but it’s kind of my thing so I just roll with it! ☺️ 

This week’s faves:

Fashion- I’ve been going crazy on Pinterest with fall clothes! We’re currently in the middle of a ridiculous 90 degree heat wave, but the past few days all I’ve wanted is to light pumpkin candles and drink pumpkin spice lattes, which aren’t even out yet!

Fitness- I just found out that there will be a BodyPump instructor certification class in the area in November, and I think I’m going to do it! I’ve been doing BodyPump for about five years, and I’ve always toyed with the idea of teaching. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and go for it! 

Family- We took Mackenzie to Disney on Ice and it was so adorable! She really seemed to enjoy it! Also, her first tooth broke the skin on Wednesday and it looks like another one it working its way out!! 


This article in the USA Today. I remember having a big book of CDs that rode shotgun in my first car. Crazy how now I just plug my phone into an auxiliary jack in the car to play my music!

What are your weekend plans? 

Friday Faves and Fails #9

It’s Fri-YAY!! Here are this week’s faves and fails!

The Faves:

Fashion: Stitch Fix #3 was a hit! My review will be up on Monday!

Fitness: Just discovered Les Mills On Demand here! I am already in love, although I do wish they offered some hour long workouts in addition to the 30 minute ones they currently have.

Family: Mackenzie’s six month photos are tomorrow and I’m ridiculously excited!

The Fails:

Fashion: Almost lost an earlobe when Kenz decided to give my earring a yank this week. Guess it’s time to officially retire my large earrings til she’s a little older. 

Fitness: No real fails this week, got in some good workouts. My diet could use a real overhaul, though. The hubby and I are thinking about doing the Whole30 challenge in September.

Family: Mackenzie’s check up was this week and she had her six month shots. They were terrible!! For whatever reason, she took them much worse this time. She cried, I cried, it was awful.


Dinner at the Hibachi buffet makes everything better!

After our photo session, we’re planning to take Mackenzie to the State Fair. Otherwise, it should be a pretty quiet weekend. Hope everyone has a good one!Have you done the Whole30 challenge or something similar? What did you think?

On Breastfeeding…Six Months In!

This past week, we hit a big milestone. Mackenzie turned six months old, and it marked six months of exclusive breastfeeding for us. Breastfeeding has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, and I’m so proud of us for making it this far! To celebrate, I thought I’d share six breastfeeding “milestones” that we encountered along the way. 

1. The second night of nursing. Who knew I’d need to be gellin’?

Our second night in the hospital was RIDICULOUS! My daughter was feeding almost every forty-five minutes in what the nurse said was her attempt to get my milk to come in. My nipples were on fire, and being the genius that I am, I packed a huge ass box of disposable nursing pads and left my tube of lanolin in my bathroom drawer. Preggo brain at its finest there. The nurse was kind enough to bring me a tiny tube of lanolin and a pair of soothing gel pads that she said could be reused. Those gel pads were a life (or should I say nipple?) saver!

2. The hospital stay, also known as a lesson in knocking.

There’s nothing like having your baby attached to your boob, which is just hanging out, when your friends and/or family members come strolling casually through the door. Some days I felt like Olaf in Frozen…knock. Just knock. Do they know how to knock?

3. Engorgement: Hello, Dolly.

One of the things no one ever really mentioned to me was engorgement. My milk came in the second day we were home, and nothing was containing the melons at that point. They were busting out of every tank top and bra that I had. Plus, every time I looked in the mirror, I was reminded of the scene in Look Who’s Talking when John Travolta jokes about Kirstie Alley getting Dolly Parton’s figure back. 

4. Learning to use the pump…and refraining from killing my husband.

The first time I had to use my breast pump, my daughter was almost six weeks old. I had been leery of the machine up to that point, but I dutifully hooked it up, attached the plastic funnels to myself, and turned it on. I’d expected it to be painful, but it really wasn’t that bad. What was bad? My husband poking his head in the bedroom, observing the pump and milk being expressed, and saying “Wow, that thing is really milking you!” 

5. Back to work, and entering the dreaded pump room.

I’d heard horror stories about friends having to pump in what amounted to a janitors closet, so I was pretty nervous about the so-called nursing mom’s room at work. Turns out it was actually pretty cool! There were cubicals equipped with curtains to pull shut for privacy, and each cube had a small desk, an office chair, and a bigger cozy chair. Two thumbs up from this girl!

6. Feeling the love.

My absolute favorite thing about nursing has been being able to count on that special time every single day, where it’s just me and my daughter. We curl up, she latches on, and we just relax. These past six months have been an amazing roller coaster ride, and I can’t wait to see what these next six months bring!

Friday Faves and Fails #8

Happy Friday!! So glad the weekend is almost here.

The Faves:

Fashion: I ordered Mackenzie’s outfits for her six month photos! One came from, and I’ve also ordered a cute little tutu! Plus, I have a new Fix coming next week!

Fitness: Week 1 of NASM PT studying is in the books! I aced my first quiz, woo hoo!

Family: Baby girl is 6 months old and about to start solid foods!

The Fails:


Fitness: Only one workout this week, hoping I get back on track next week.

Family: I left early for work on Monday and the hubby was in charge of dressing Mackenzie. Apparently he didn’t check the size of her sleeper, and he put a 0-3 month one on her!

No major plans this weekend, but it will be nice to keep things low-key, especially with Mackenzie’s six month check up on Monday. I’ll be back later today with a post on breastfeeding now that we’re six months in and getting ready to start solids!

When did you start solids? What was your baby’s first solid food?

Friday Faves and Fails #7

The Faves –

Fashion: Fresh highlights and finding my favorite maxi skirt that went missing made me a happy girl!

Fitness: I’ve been doing my daily PiYo workouts, plus lunchtime workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and hopefully today too! 

Family: Spending the weekend with two of my favorite people – we hit up Brown County and the Children’s Museum!

The Fails –

Fashion: I seem to be on a clothing loss trend, I briefly misplaced one of my favorite maxi skirts, and now one of my work dresses has disappeared…

Fitness: Not really a fail, but I’ve had to watch my workouts a little more with physical therapy. This C-Section has really been a pain in the butt. I can’t believe how much I miss doing planks!

Family: Halfway through my pumping session on Tuesday, my breast pump stopping working!! The suction just croaked, and I could not get it going again to save my life! Luckily I had my manual pump in my bag, but it’s not exactly a joy to use. I picked up some new valves and membranes after work on Wednesday and was thankful when it started working like normal again on Thursday!

This weekend we’re celebrating my MIL’s upcoming birthday, and my nephew has a football game on Saturday. We may try to hit up the State Fair too! What are everyone’s plans for the weekend??

Friday Faves and Fails #6

Happy Friday! I’m on vacation Monday and looking forward to the three day weekend with the fam! Here are this week’s faves and fails:

The Faves:

Fashion: Currently under a processor getting my hair done! Yay for no more roots!!

Fitness: Started my PiYo challenge this week and got in a few extra workouts. Also, my early birthday present arrived, and I’ve gotten in five straight days of 10,000 steps! This is tough considering I sit at a desk most of the day!


Family: Took Mackenzie shopping in the baby carrier this week – SO much easier than lugging the car seat around, and she loved being able to look at everything!

Also, super excited that we are getting a Zaxby’s near the house!

The Fails:

Fashion: The strap broke on my second favorite pair of wedges…hoping my shoe repair guy can fix them.

Fitness: I’ve missed a few weeks of training, so I think the fall half marathon is officially off for now.

Family: we have been having ridiculous amounts of trouble snapping the car seat in and out of our stroller, counting the days til Mackenzie can sit up and we don’t have to mess with it anymore!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! What are your plans?

Stitch Fix #2

I’m going to open this post with an apology about the super scary pictures – in this case, selfies, clothing changes, and baby did not mix well! Regardless, though, here’s the scoop on my second Stitch Fix box!

Again, the box showed up on Friday instead of the scheduled Monday, woo hoo! I was pretty stoked when I saw the style card:

The only thing I didn’t like was the dress, and that was just because of the pattern. So I figured I’d try it on first. 

The cut had potential, but I still hated the pattern, and it seemed like it may have been a size too big. Sent it back.

Next, I tried on the cuffed shorts and double strap tank, which looked really cute in the box.

I liked both of these items pretty well, but the top seemed a little big. The shorts fit pretty well, but they were still a little loose, and I couldn’t see paying $50 for denim shorts. Plus I wasn’t a fan of the high waist band. Sent both items back.

Last up were the crop pants and beaded neckline top. I loved the pants and was definitely going to keep them til I saw them on.

I loved them less after I looked at this photo. I felt like I looked so square and boxy in this ensemble. Sent both items back.

I think I’ve lost a little more baby weight, or else I’ve just toned up more. My big takeaway from this box was that maybe I needed to update my sizes, so after I completed the checkout, I went in and updated my sizes and my style profile.  Hopefully my next box will have some winners in it!

Friday Faves and Fails #5

Happy Friday! Here are this week’s faves and fails…

The Faves:

Fashion – A lunchtime shopping trip today to find an outfit to go with a cute pair of wedges I found in my closet that I’ve never even worn!

Fitness – My NASM book came, and even though I don’t start the online classes until next week, I’ve already been reading through the textbook like a huge nerd! 

Family – Mackenzie has been babbling a lot and has started yelling “dada” when she gets mad!

This sign:

The Fails:

Fashion – I didn’t have any pieces I really loved in my Stitch Fix box, and I ended up sending all five items back. Total bummer. I updated my style profile, so maybe the next box will be a win. My review will be up next week!

Fitness – No workouts this week either. I cannot wait for the quarter to be over so I can start working out again – it’s amazing how grumpy I get.

Family – Mackenzie and I came home earlier this week after work and both fell asleep. We slept until Jeff came home around ten, HUGE mistake. She didn’t go back to bed until after midnight – I won’t be doing that again anytime soon!

Bath and Body Works stopped selling Country Chic in stores!! I was so disappointed, I’ve been using that fragrance for a few years now! Fortunately, it was still available online, so I stocked up. 

Question: What’s your favorite fragrance?

Have a great weekend!!


A to Z Survey

I’ve seen this on several of my favorite blogs lately (most recently on Lauren’s) and figured I’d fill it out for a little Hump Day fun! 

A – Age: 29…til next Saturday anyway! 😉

B – Biggest Fear: heights, and falling…which explains why I’m a horrible flyer.

C – Current time: 12:52pm

D – Drink You Had Last: iced green tea

E – Easiest Person to Talk to: Jeff

F – Favorite Song: Right now I’m loving Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, so fun and catchy!

G – Grossest Memory: Losing my mucus plug throughout labor was pretty gross…

H – Hometown: Bowling Green, KY

I – In Love With: My little family ☺️

J – Jealous Of: Everyone with normal sized feet,  haha! Seriously, though, I would love to be able to go out and buy cute shoes on a whim!

K – Kindest Person You Know: My mom

L – Longest Relationship: Jeff and I have been together for five years!

M – Middle Name: Brooke

N – Number of siblings: 1

O – One Wish: for Mackenzie to grow up healthy and happy

P – Person You Spoke To On the Phone Last: Jeff

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: What size shoe do you wear? For the record, it’s a 3.5 in kids ☺️

R – Reason to Smile: When Mackenzie smiles at me, I can’t help but smile back!

S – Song You Last Sang: Style by Taylor Swift

T – Time You Wake Up: Alarm goes off at 6:30 but a lot of times I end up snoozing til 7!

U – Underwear Color: Pink

V – Vacation Destination: The hubby and I would like to go to St. Lucia for our five year wedding anniversary!

W – Worst Habit: Procrastination, definitely.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Dental and my neck/back

Y – Your Favorite Food: it’s a toss up between anything chocolate and macaroni and cheese…

Z – Zodiac Sign: Leo

What is your worst habit? Reason to smile? Favorite song?